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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

The protection of your personal data and private information is important for us! We will not give or forward data and personal information to a third party.

When you are visiting our website we collect your IP address as the Internet are not working without it. We collect IP addresses in server logs and anonymised in Matomo to ensure the function of the website and for error and failure analysis.

E-Mail address

With in the Contact-, Booking- and order form we ask for your E-Mail address, this E-Mail address will be not stored on our website. All data that you fill out this forms will be sent to me as an E-Mail over the E-Mail server with your E-Mail address as Sender address.


We are not using cookies. YouTube will set a cookie after you click on a YouTube preview image.


Our self hosted Matomo installation is found under the domain

The configuration of Matomo is set to anonymised IP addresses and to accept the "do not track" settings of your browser. We are do not collect user profiles.


Our Website is using the embedding from The maintainer is YouTube, LLC, 901 Cherry Ave., San Bruno, CA 94066, USA.

You will only connect to if you click on any video preview image on our website and can see you are visiting our website.

More information about privacy policies of see: